Centerport United Methodist Church

Centerport UMC is an active, giving and involved faith community.  Opportunities abound for getting involved locally and globally. 

MEALS ON WHEELS- is a voluntary, non-profit organization providing two home delivered meals per day - a hot dinner and a cold supper - Monday through Friday including holidays.   The program is presently serving about 100 clients.


CUMC delivers meals on Wednesdays.  The meals are prepared by Huntington Hospital.  Volunteers pick up the meals from the hospital at about 10:45 am and deliver them to the clients - all information is given at pick-up.  There are 4 groups of 2 people, each group delivering on one Wednesday a month.  Currently we are in need of 1 person to deliver on a regular basis (once per month) and some substitutes to fill in when needed. 


If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact with Agnes Ward, Laurie Hawkins, 

Barbara Wohleking, John Ruffini, Beth Bertossi or Linda Fox, through the Church office.


 As part of our commitment to the Ecumenical Lay Council (ELC), it is again our turn to provide volunteers for the Northport Food Pantry in December.  This is an outstanding opportunity for all to serve our community and provide food for those who really need it, particularly during this holiday season. 
The Northport Food Pantry is open Monday through Thursday from 10 AM to 12 Noon.  In December, volunteers are only needed through Thursday, December 21.
I can guarantee that you will fully enjoy the experience of meeting the clients and other volunteers who utilize and serve the pantry
A sign-up sheet is in the Narthex which will include dates and the location in Northport.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  May God bless you in this worthwhile and rewarding ministry.                                         Frank Lehmann


  1. Money. Many food banks and pantries have access to lower cost supplies than you or I do so a cash donation may go further, plus they’re able to get exactly what they need.
  2. Canned meats: Think beyond tuna & soup, which food banks get tons of. Instead go for canned beef, canned ham, canned chicken, canned salmon. Or hearty ready-to-go meals like beef stew and chili with meat.
  3. Canned vegetables: Everyone donates green beans. Instead, give potatoes, carrots, spinach, peas or any other veggies your family likes.
  4. Canned fruit: Not pineapple. This is the most commonly donated fruit. Any other fruit, particularly those in fruit juice without extra sugar, would be great. Dried fruit works too (raisins, etc.)
  5. Boxed meals THAT REQUIRE ONLY WATER. Hamburger Helper isn’t helpful if you don’t have hamburger.
  6. Low-sugar cereal like plain Cheerios
  7. Peanut butter
  8. Instant oatmeal, instant grits
  9. Cans of beans
  10. Pasta, pasta sauce
  11. Biscuit or baking mixes (again that only require water)
  12. Cans, cartons or boxes of powered and evaporated milk
  13. Snack items for kids to take to school: juice boxes, applesauce containers, granola bars
  14. Diapers in sizes above newborn, plus wipes
  15. Toiletries: toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo & conditioner, warm socks, Chapstick (consider someone living outside this time of year)
  16. Feminine hygiene products: unscented pads will be most universally used, not tampons
  17. Spices like cinnamon, oregano, basil, salt, pepper
  18. Sliced bread. It’s got a long shelf life but always goes immediately.
  19. Bags of apples or potatoes. Ditto.


    I want to thank all of our congregation for your generous donation of shoes for the annual Soles4Souls  collection drive.   We set a CUMC record of 459 pairs collected and anticipate a total of over 20,000 pairs for our region. 

    This is yet another major annual event as part of our membership in the Ecumenical Lay Council (ELC) which we support in their many programs designed to help the community food pantry, Sponsor a Family Christmas Gifts, pantry volunteering, food drives and others.

I would also like to thank John Ruffini, his daughter Gabrielle, and Bill Perks for the work that they did for this mission. 

Lastly, a reminder that we continue to collect shoes throughout the year and you can bring them anytime and place them in the boxes on the stairwell leading to the attic.                  

May God Bless You All!  Frank Lehmann


                                      Join a CUMC Care Team

There are some people in our Church who could use your help!


Can you provide one or more of the following services?



       Occasionally, visit CUMC members in a nursing home, hospital, or in their home.



       Once in a while, prepare and deliver a meal.



At times, provide transportation for someone who needs it.


     If you would like to add your name to the list of helpers, or know someone who needs help— see your bulletin for details.

 If you would like to read Scripture on Sunday mornings during worship, please email the Church office with the date of the Sundays you are available.  If you have any questions please contact the Church Office at 261-5222 or e-mail:


    We invite you to give/send a bear to someone who is ill, hurting, or just needs a hug.  Our bears are gathered at the front of the stage, and are looking for someone to hold and hug them, as they bring blessings and prayers from our church.  Those who have received them, as a result of our Bear Ministry, are most grateful, and touched by the loving kindness, care and hope they represent.

    If someone you know has been put on our prayer list, or not, choose a bear and make someone feel good!

Remember to sign the book on the counter by the church office.                                 


 Sue Oman, Bear Keeper




    We are still collecting empty inkjet cartridges & cell phones. When you change your inkjet cartridge (only inkjet cartridges) in your printer or upgrade your cell phone, bring your old one to Church and leave it in the Church Office.  We will recycle it for you and raise money for CUMC at the same time.  Thank you.

Do You Have Some Spare Time?
These are jobs that can be done around the Church - please contact Robin Brennan for more information

Jobs to be done around the church building:


Crawl space under sanctuary – call Bill Perks for assistance 

            Build rack to hold signs (use existing rack from attic)

            Move “stuff” off lawn and replace under building

            Install insulation on pipes in tunnels

Move cut logs from edge of north parking lot and stack in back lot by woods

Take down small maple tree on back path

Extend garden around sign in front – remove grass

Remove lower branches from white pines by parking area near parsonage

Weed Nursery School garden

Replace light bulbs:

            Kitchen, Connie’s office, classroom #9

            (Replacements in electrical room downstairs)


            Clean-up the yard and flower beds – front and back

            Trim bushes